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Lee Colefield

Lee Colefield SRA Repair and Restoration

I always knew from a young age that I was passionate for cars and wanted to make it a profession. Whenever I would hear a car coming I could tell what model it was just by the sound of its muffler. Today it’s not as easy as it was in 1960 with so many different types of cars! One day my mother’s car would not start...

so I spent the day taking apart the engine and figured out what was wrong, the rest was history.

While growing up my brother and I rebuilt Cessna engines in my parents garage while he worked at Tetaboro Airport. On the weekends my street would look like a car garage while I was working on up to 10 cars at a time.

I started working at Briggs Chevrolet in the late sixties and in 1976 I opened my first shop in Hazlet. From there I’ve had a shop in Matawan, Belmar and now I have opened a shop in Wall and have been in the business for 48 years!

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